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Reiki believe it or not it just works!

November 1st, 2008 Posted in Practice News, Reiki News

page.gif  I was thinking some time ago about how the belief system can influence the outcome of therapy, and how Reiki does not require a belief in to work.

Just a few days ago we were visited by a friend who had fallen from her bicycle several days earlier, injuring and badly bruising her hip and elbow.

Now this friend is probably in the universe’s top 100 skeptics as far as a belief in alternative or complementary therapies is concerned. Unless you can produce undisputed scientific evidence then it’s does not figure in her belief system.

I immediately seized the opportunity to persuade her to have some Reiki while she spoke with my wife. Amazingly she agreed and I told her to just carry on and ignore my treatment of her leg and arm. A few minutes later she gave me a quizzical look and reported feeling heat on her leg and coolness in the elbow, and after a few more minutes I stopped.

Several days later she rang to speak about something unrelated and during the conversation I asked about her pain from the injuries. “Ah well maybe it’s a co-incidence but I slept OK that night with no pain and every night since, and strangely the bruising had changed colour next day which was quite odd”

I inwardly laughed and told her sometimes we heal up quicker than expected!

Reiki – it just works! (No belief required)

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